Consultancy and Advisory Services

Institute of Environmental Engineering and Research provides Advisory and consultancy services to various National and International agencies, industries, private organizations and municipalities on a variety of Environmental issues.

The areas in which IEER provide the services are as follows

1.    Design of Water Supply Schemes/Water Distribution Networks

2.    Design of Sewerage Network Systems

3.    Solid Waste Management

4.    Rainwater Harvesting

5.    Low-cost surface water treatment

6.    Design of treatment plants for drinking water

7.    Development of water safety plans

8.    Wastewater treatment plant design (conventional treatment)

9.    Advanced wastewater treatment

10.  Design of air pollution control technologies

In addition to above mentioned services, IEER also provides policy input to various national organizations for the development of environmental regulation and standards.

Moreover, IEER provides technical assistance for the establishment of laboratories for water, wastewater testing and air pollution monitoring, including the training of laboratory staff.